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Big Fish Little Fish

Hello Preserve Piranhas! 

What is Big Fish - Little Fish

Big fish - little fish is a program that was missed during the 2020 and 2021 seasons that is back this year. Each younger swimmer on the team is assigned an older partner for the season. 

Who is a Big Fish and who is a Little Fish

Big fish are swimmers age 10 and older on the team who are paired with little fish, a swimmer age 9 and under. Big fish - little fish does not include the Junior Piranhas. 

Who is my partner

This year's partner pairing can be found in the attached document. How do I find my partner? Ask a coach! Coaches are happy to help you find and introduce your big fish or little fish. 

What can I do as a little fish

Little fish can support and cheer for their older fish throughout the season. Additionally, say hello to your big fish when you see them. 

What can I do as a big fish

Big fish can help their little fish find their events, cheer them on in heating, and cheer for them during their race. 

Many more big fish - little fish activities are coming this year! 

Partner Pairings

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