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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Job Description
Setup Set up for home meets usually starts at 6:00 pm the Friday night prior to a Saturday meet. It includes setup of the heating tent and chairs, ropes around the pool, flags over the pool, data entry area, and tables for the Starter and Volunteer Check in.
Check In Assistant Arrive by 6:40am to help check-in swimmers and volunteers, ensure all swimmers have event number, heat number and lane number on arm. Distribute volunteer name tags and supplies.
Data Entry/Scoring Duties include entering swimmers’ times into the computer, sending meet results to the RMSL computer rep for posting, printing and posting all results on the swim team bulletin board.
Computer Scorer Assistant Assist the Data Entry/scoring volunteer at the home meets by reading the results from the timing sheets.
Heating Coordinator This job oversees all of heating, including Heating volunteers.
Heating These volunteers organize the swimmers in the chairs in the heating area according to the event, lane and heat that they will be swimming. All swimmers should be under the team tent and in their chairs when their event is being heated. Heaters are NOT responsible for looking for swimmers. If swimmers are not in the tent area when their event is heated, they will be scratched from the event.
Timers A Timer uses a team stopwatch to time each event for their lane, then writes the time for that swimmer or relay team on the timing sheet and gives the card to the “Runner”. If a swimmer is disqualified they write “DQ”. All Timers attend the 7:30 am meeting with the Stroke judges/Starter/Referee prior to each meet.
Clerk of the Course Ensure swimmers are in in the proper lineup to keep the meet running efficiently.
Runner The Runner takes the timing sheets from the timers on deck after each race and delivers them to the scoring table.
Stroke Judge Stroke Judges must attend a mandatory RMSL clinic prior to swim season. All Stroke Judges must attend a 7:30 am meeting prior to the swim meet regardless of the shift they are working that day. This position is recommended for seasoned parents or parents who were competitive swimmers.
Scribe The Scribe is an important position at meets, recording disqualifications as called by Stroke Judges (SJ) and communicating those to the computer operator. Specifically, when a DQ is announced over the headset radio, the Scribe would go to the SJ, record the proper DQ code on paper, then take that record to the computer operator at the Scorer’s table. The Scribe role thus enables the SJ to maintain a continuous focus on races in progress, while the Referee still listens over the radio and can approve or overturn calls. Given the requisite DQ codes used to record stroke violations, it is highly recommended that persons volunteering for the Scribe position attend at least an initial/beginner SJ training session (typically 90-minute class conducted annually, at no charge, by RMSL personnel); please inquire for training dates/times.
Starter/Referee This volunteer must be a qualified Stroke Judge and is responsible for starting each event and refereeing conflicts that may occur during the meet. The Starter/Referee is required to complete RMSL training.
Announcer The announcer is the emcee of the event, ensuring that all meet information is communicated effectively. Announces upcoming events to call swimmers to the heatingtent, watches the deck and heating personnel for announcements and keeps a good pace.
Take Down/Trash Clean Up At the conclusion of each home meet, all items need to be taken down, folded and stored in their proper locations. All trash needs to be picked up and lost and found items collected. All pool furniture must be returned to their pre-meet locations.
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