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Volunteer Job Descriptions


Logistics (Home Meets Only)

Setup Starts at 7:00 pm the Friday night prior to a Saturday meet. It includes setup of the heating tent and chairs, ropes around the pool, flags over the pool, data entry area, and tables for the Starter and Volunteer Check-in.
Concessions - Setup Starts at 6:30am. Works with the Concession Chair to get the concession stand setup for the day.
Concessions – Operations Works the concession stand – selling food, collecting money and restocking as necessary. Coordinates with Treasurer.
Tear Down At the conclusion of each home meet, all items need to be taken down, folded and stored in their proper locations. All trash picked up and lost and found items collected. All pool furniture must be returned to their pre-meet locations.

Meet Execution

Check-in Starts at 6:30am. Help check-in swimmers and volunteers, ensure all swimmers have event number, heat number and lane number on arm. Distribute volunteer name tags and supplies.
Timers Just as it sounds, you will be timing each race within a meet (shift 1, 2 or 3).

 Must attend 7:30 a.m. timers meeting on meet day regardless of assigned shift. 

Stroke Judges Ensures all competitors are properly executing the identified stroke for each race.

Stroke Judges must attend a mandatory RMSL clinic prior to swim season. All Stroke Judges must attend a 7:30 am meeting prior to the swim meet regardless of the shift they are working that day. This position is recommended for seasoned parents or parents who were competitive swimmers. This is full year position. Desire to have a total of 7 stroke judges, with 4 stroke judges needed for each meet (6 needed for 3 team meet, only one this season).

Heating Organize the swimmers in the chairs in the heating area according to the event, lane and heat that they will be swimming. Heaters are NOT responsible for looking for swimmers. If swimmers are not in the tent area when their event is heated, they will be scratched from the event.
Floater Volunteer support person who passes out water to volunteers, assist in miscellaneous meet operations, fill empty shifts, and supports Volunteer Coordinator and/or Meet Manager.
False Start Jumper
(Home Meets Only)
Role sits in lifeguard chairs and drops flag and/or jumps in the pool to stop swimmers when a false start is called. Home meets only (including intrasquad).
Prize Table
(Home Meets Only)
A full meet role. Distributes prizes/ducks to winners. Home meets only (no intrasquad role).


Board Secretary / Webmaster Manages and oversees the team website & communications. Board Seat.

Role occupied by Steven Maxey

Parent Reps (3) Coordinates with other teams' parent reps regarding meet details, handles protests, provides parents with team information. 

Roles occupied by Diana Tacha & Kate O’Keefe

Open positions available

Treasurer Manages the team finances and bank account. Board Seat.

Role occupied by Erika Shorter

Volunteer Coordinator Coordinates and oversees all volunteers - full-season and meet. Responsible for miscellaneous meet day preparations. Board Seat.

Role occupied by Nicholas Lakas

Clerk of the Course, Starter Referee & Announcer Oversees home meets. Ensures that the home meets runs smoothly - set up, host other team, heating coordinator, swimmers are in the proper line up and ready once they are in position in the chairs on the deck behind the starting blocks. Start each event, referee technical stroke, start, turn, and finish conflicts during meet if these should arise. Communicate meet information and announce events in the water and in heating. RMSL training requirement.

Role occupied by 

Apparel Chair Coordinates design, choices, and ordering for team items (suits, caps, other logo apparel, coaches shirts).

Role occupied by Lindsay Ceilley

Social Event Coordinator Coordinates social events, including Pancakes & Pictures, and end-of-season banquet.

Role occupied by Kelsey Erwin

Meet Manager Manages home meets, creating meet program, swimmer line up, posting of meet results and DQ report.

Role occupied by Kate O’Keefe

Registration Coordinator Coordinate swimmer registration and sign-up process through team website.

Role Occupied by Carly Schlissberg

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