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Volunteer Policy

Swimming is different from many other youth sports in that volunteers are needed to run a successful meet. It is therefore imperative that every team family volunteers time to help at the meets and behind the scenes.

** This policy applies to Piranhas team families and does not apply to the Junior Piranhas program.**

  1. Each family is required to work a minimum of TWO VOLUNTEER SHIFTS PER SWIMMER during the regular meet season.
  2. In addition, each family must work at least ONE VOLUNTEER SHIFT AT PRELIMS OR CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS (applies only if your child is swimming in a Prelims meet). Swimmers must qualify to swim at Prelims and Finals, the dates of which are set by RMSL and will occur on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between the hours of 6:00 am and 4:00 pm.  
  3. Volunteer sign up will take place as part of preseason swimmer registration. Each family must register for and perform two volunteer shifts per registered swimmer during the regular season meets.
  4. Once you sign up for a volunteer shift, YOU are responsible for performing that volunteer shift. Please DO NOT ask the Parent Reps or Volunteer Coordinator to be released from your volunteer shift. THEY WILL NOT RELEASE YOU FROM THE ASSIGNED SHIFT.  If you are unable to fulfill your volunteer shift, it is YOUR OBLIGATION to find someone else to cover that shift. It is not the responsibility of the Parent Reps or Volunteer Coordinator to make shift changes for you. You must find someone to cover your assigned shift. Once you do so, you must notify the Parent Reps and Volunteer Coordinator in writing of the change prior to the event.
  5. Failure to fulfill a volunteer shift will result in loss of team registration privileges in the following year.
  6. Volunteer shift assignments for the season will be posted on the team web site. A team roster will also be posted on the website. Weekly volunteer assignments will be sent via email.
  7. Descriptions of the volunteer job duties are posted on the team web site. You will be expected to be familiar with and fulfill ALL of the duties for your volunteer assignment. You will also be expected to cover the entirety of the shift period.
  8. Volunteers should check in at the volunteer check-in table on the morning of the swim meet between 6:30 am and 7:45 am. Please check off your name on the volunteer shift assignment schedule and claim your name tag.
  9. Please pay attention to any announcements during meets regarding shift assignments and volunteers needed.
  10. Occasionally an event has to be canceled and rescheduled due to adverse weather conditions. If you were scheduled to volunteer at an event which is canceled due to weather, you will be assigned to volunteer at the re-scheduled event.
  11. All disputes regarding volunteer issues will be resolved by the team Parent Reps in their sole discretion.

Thank you for your cooperation and support!

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